About On-Campus Living

7u彩票网址Whether students have lived on campus for a few years, or are living away from home for the first time, the staff of University Housing, Dining & Conference Services (Housing) and the Department of Residence Life (Residence Life) are here to help.

7u彩票网址As students move away from home, they'll find another home right here at our campus. Our size and proximity to the University district will quickly give students a sense of belonging, whether they select the Templewood or Main Apartment Complex (MAC) apartments, or one of our three residence halls. Located in a wooded setting, our on-campus experience offers students a unique opportunity to make connections within the university community, with fellow students, staff, faculty, as well as campus resources, organizations and activities. 

UAA's On-Campus Living community offers the convenience of hassle-free living with shuttles to other parts of campus throughout the day, walking trails that connect to over 85 miles of recreational trails and views of the Chugach Mountain Range.

Housing, Dining & Conference Services and Residence Life work closely together to ensure that all aspects of the residential student experience, from housing applications to room maintenance, and from community involvement to student success, are covered.

University Housing

University Housing handles meal plans, maintenance concerns, and other details related to the "business" side of On-Campus Living. Before moving to campus, Housing is the primary contact for most prospective residents and their families, and provides answers to the most common questions residents may have about moving into a campus living community, including applications, rates, and meal plans. 

Residence Life

7u彩票网址Residence Life provides a living and learning environment through programs, services, and opportunities that contribute to the personal and academic success of students living in the UAA residential community. In addition, Residence Life employs and trains the Residence Coordinators, Resident Assistants, Peer Academic & Wellness Leaders, Indigenous & Rural Leaders, and Desk Assistants who live and work in the residence halls.


Our Values

The Department of Residence Life seeks to create a safe and inclusive environment that supports personal and educational growth, leadership, wellness, and citizenship through intentional programming and outreach in our 6 core values:

  • Citizenship

    The Department of Residence Life seeks to instill a sense of citizenship in all residents, who will treat others with respect, dignity and understanding. Residents will have the opportunity to take an active role in the community. Residents will learn the importance of global citizenship, and active engagement in the community. Residents will learn the importance of being a residential community, campus community, and global community.

    Citizenship means engaging in the residential community, the greater anchorage and Alaska communities to promote cooperation and to improve relationships among these communities.

  • Inclusivity
    The Department of Residence Life seeks to create a welcoming community where residents will feel respected and will find programs that challenge and engage them in dialogues on diversity.
  • Leadership  
    In the Department of Residences Life, leadership means providing opportunities for students to become role models in their community by engaging in student organizations, employment opportunities and programs to help shape professional standards for life after graduation.
  • Personal Growth
    Within the Department of Residence Life, personal growth means fostering a resident’s individual learning in respect to health, professional development as well as social transitions and developing meaningful relationships to prepare them for future endeavors.
  • Safe Environment
    In the Department of Residence Life, safe environment means ensuring secure facilities that contribute to the well being of residents, providing an on-call system that ensures constant service to residents in crisis and provides resources for future care, providing comprehensive outreach and care to residents in need, and collaborating with University Police to create the safest environment possible.
  • Wellness
    In the Department of Residence Life, wellness describes the personal, physical, mental, and spiritual well being of an individual and/or community which are supported by learning, and individualized care.