Student Services

Please contact the Program Leads listed below for advising.

Early Childhood Education
Associate of Applied Science
Hilary Seitz 907-786-4872

Educational Leadership
Master of Education or Graduate Certificate
Ginger Blackmon 7u彩票网址907-786-1645

Language Education 
Graduate Certificate
Cathy Coulter 907-786-4457

Speech-Language Pathology
Minor or Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
Master of Science (East Carolina University affiliated graduate program) 
Peggy Spencer mspencer@alaska.edu7u彩票网址 907-786-4712

Special Education
Master of Education or Graduate Certificate
Tara Maltby 907-786-4867

Teaching & Learning
Master of Education
Tim Jester 7u彩票网址907-786-1666

The programs listed above are fully accredited and admitting new students.

Applying for Certification

  1. If you have completed a UAA program that results in a certification or endorsement apply for graduation from UAA.
  2. Complete the UAA School of Education .
  3. Find the appropriate from the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development (EED). Follow the directions on the form to complete the application.
    * If you have completed steps two and three and met the requirements of your program UAA will fill out pages 13-14 of the IR and mail them to you. 
  4. When you receive your State-Approved Verification Form from UAA you can . Prior to ordering your transcript, you are strongly encouraged to view your unofficial transcript on to verify the CAEP posting has been completed. Verification forms can take three to six weeks to be completed.
  5. Once you have the certification application in order, make a copy of the packet for your own records then mail the originals to EED.

State-Approved Verification Form (formerly Institutional Recommendation) Requests

If you need a State-Approved Verification Form you may fill out the . UAA will review your records to make sure you are eligible. The process can take three to six weeks.