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    7u彩票网址We prepare educators and support the lifelong learning of professionals to embrace diversity and to be intellectually and ethically strong, resilient, and passionate in their work with Alaska's learners, families, and communities.


Welcome to the School of Education!

The faculty and staff are excited about a new year and looking forward to welcoming new and continuing students. 

As you know, there have been some changes in the School of Education. The School offers many  opportunities for students. The programs listed below are fully accredited, scheduled and admitting new students. Please contact the Program Lead for advising or additional information on any of our programs.

Early Childhood Education
Associate of Applied Science
Hilary Seitz hjseitz@alaska.edu7u彩票网址 907-786-4872

Educational Leadership
Master of Education or Graduate Certificate
Ginger Blackmon 907-786-1645

Teaching & Learning
Master of Education
Tim Jester 907-786-1666

Language Education 
Graduate Certificate
Cathy Coulter cacoulter@alaska.edu7u彩票网址 907-786-4457

Special Education
Master of Education or Graduate Certificate
Tara Maltby 907-786-4867

Professional and Continuing Education (PACE)
500-level courses
Jennifer Harty 907-786-1881

During the next year, the faculty will be working on an accreditation review for the Educational Leadership, Special Education and Language Education programs. The self-study for these programs will be submitted to our accrediting body (CAEP) in the Fall of 2020. Additionally, during the Fall of 2019, we participated with our colleagues from Juneau and Fairbanks in a review of all of the Master of Education, Post-baccalaureate, Graduate Certificate, and AAS Early Childhood programs offered at our three campuses. The purpose of this review was to determine where there is overlap and if there are opportunities to create more efficiency within the UA system. For example, the Special Education Programs at all three campuses are very similar and this allows students more choice in class scheduling. 

One of the biggest changes is that the School of Education at UAA no longer offers any initial licensure programs. See the Initial Licensure Program Information for a list of programs that are no longer offered at UAA.

A second change is the Director's office and program faculty offices have been moved to the University Lake Building. This is literally a change from one end of campus to the other end but the good news is that there are no parking fees required at that location. UAF and UAS education faculty have joined us at the ULB so Anchorage students interested in initial licensure programs will find us all at one location.  

As always, change provides new opportunities and we look forward to sharing an exciting year with our students and with the community.

School of Education Programs

Initial licensure programs are no longer admitting students. Initial licensure opportunities are available to students in UAA's service area through the  and the . 

Initial Licensure Program Information


  • Motto
    Preparing Educators to Transform Lives
  • Mission
    We prepare educators and support the lifelong learning of professionals to embrace diversity and to be intellectually and ethically strong, resilient, and passionate in their work with Alaska's learners, families, and communities.
  • Core Values

    Intellectual Vitality: Professional educators examine diverse perspectives, engage in research and scholarship, contribute to knowledge and practice, and apply innovations in technology.

    Collaborative Spirit: Professional educators generate, welcome, and support the collaborative relationships and partnerships that enrich peoples' lives.

    Inclusiveness and Equity: Professional educators create and advocate for learning communities that advance knowledge and ensure the development, support, and inclusion of peoples' abilities, values, ideas, languages, and expressions.

    Leadership: Professional educators are committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior in their roles, using professional expertise to improve the communities in which they live and work, and demonstrating the ability to translate theories and principles into transformative educational practice. 

  • Vision

    We are a community of educators dedicated to improving the quality of education and preparing educators to transform lives. Through innovative teaching, research, service, and leadership, we:

    • provide direction that inspires learning, informs the state's educational policy and research agendas, and addresses the challenges of Alaska;
    • call upon diverse cultural knowledge, values, and ways of learning and viewing the world, especially those of Alaska Natives, in order to promote the intellectual, creative, social, emotional, and physical development of educators, learners, families, and communities;
    • contribute to educators' understanding of development and learning from childhood through maturity and respond to the challenges of providing learning across the lifespan;
    • transform the beliefs and practices of educators, families, and communities in order to address the wide spectrum of human abilities in compassionate and innovative ways;
    • prepare educators with appropriate knowledge, skills, and dispositions in the judicious use of technology to enhance learning;
    • focus relentlessly on student learning; and
    • engage in dynamic partnerships with the university, community groups, and urban and rural educators to improve the quality of education in Alaska.
  • UAA Equity & Compliance

    7u彩票网址UA is an .

    Visit UAA's Equity and Compliance page to learn more about UAA's nondiscrimination policies and Title I, Title IX, Title VI, and Title VII.

    7u彩票网址The Alaska Code of Ethics of the Education Profession can be found at . 

  • Advanced Programs are NCATE Accredited

    7u彩票网址UAA is an NCATE accredited provider for advanced educator preparation programs. As part of CAEP's continuous improvement cycle, advanced programs will undergo an accreditation review in 2021.

    View CAEP Annual Measures.

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