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Structures Testing Lab


The STL was designed to test large specimens and components of structures. This facility includes a 3-foot-thick concrete strong floor and a structural steel load frame. We can accommodate test specimens:

  • up to 15' tall
  • up to 20' long

Current Load Capacity

  • ±500 kN (±110 kips)
  • 20" piston stroke
  • 30 gpm hydraulic power unit
  • Quasi-static and pseudo-dynamic load environments
  • MTS Flex-test Controller® - custom load functions
structures testing lab

Planned Load Capacity (grant proposals pending)

  • One 1 MN actuator* - 10" stroke
    • Quasi-static environment
    • 215 kips (965 kN) tension; 330 kips (1460 kN) compression
    • Possible 2 MN configuration for Tension and Compression
      • 660 kips tension; 430 kips compression
  • One ±100 kN actuator - 10" stroke
    • Dynamic environment
    • Piston head velocity ~15 in/s

* funding for the 1MN  actuator has been awarded and expected to be installed in January 2018

Specimen Fixtures

  • Tension/Compression: 1 MN capacity
  • Flexure: 1 MN capacity
  • Lateral Load: 500kN capacity

10-tonne overhead crane

Models for Providing Services to Industry

Research Grant

  • Long-term study
    • Fundamental research
    • Applied research

Short-form Contract

  • Standard UAA contract
  • Contract generally accepted by all parties as-is
  • Best for projects that are time-critical

Master Services Agreement (MSA)

  • Provide testing services as needed
  • Each negotiated scope of work performed under MSA
  • Saves time (once MSA is in place)
  • Best when multiple services may be needed over an extended period

Cost Center (Anticipated 4th Quarter 2017)

  • Set time-and-materials rate
  • No contract
  • Deliverables upon receipt of payment
  • Smaller projects with short timeframe

Lab Director

Scott Hamel
Associate Professor
Civil Engineering