University of Alaska Anchorage

7u彩票网址The University of Alaska Anchorage's College of Arts and Sciences is the largest academic unit within the University of Alaska, home to over 4,000 students and 208 prominent full-time faculty, working at the forefronts of their fields.  Located in breathtaking Anchorage, Alaska, we are a premier college within the University of Alaska system.

7u彩票网址Students who enter the College of Arts and Sciences have the opportunity to experience the breadth and depth of the intellectual life at UAA. The College of Arts and Sciences offers 23 major areas of study and more than 20 minor concentrations--from chemistry to communications, from theatre and dance to Alaska Native studies.

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7u彩票网址The College of Arts and Sciences students, faculty, alumni, and research are always being written about!

spot luminares

7u彩票网址 New state-of-the-art wireless luminaires to enhance lighting design for UAA theatre and dance productions

Herminia Din

7u彩票网址 Professors talk tourism on inaugural “Idita-trip”

students modeling underground geologic features

7u彩票网址 UAA geologist Simon Kattenhorn: “Timing is everything.”

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FACILITIESArial view of UAA campus

College of Arts and Sciences classrooms, departments, and labs spread from on end of the UAA campus to the other end. Many of the research labs have opportunities for students to gain hands on experience with leading professionals.

College of Arts and Sciences Facilities

Mission Statement

The College of Arts and Sciences is the home and heart of the academic tradition at the University of Alaska Anchorage. It provides foundational education in the liberal arts and sciences for all students, as well as undergraduate and graduate degree programs in humanities, the fine arts, the mathematical, natural, and social sciences. Through teaching, research, scholarship, artistic creativity, and public service, the College contributes to the advancement of knowledge and betterment in Alaska, the nation, and beyond.
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