Update on UA's COVID-19 response

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7u彩票网址Membership on the committee is open to any faculty member who submits their name to the Second Vice President or to a Senate member of the ACDLITe Committee by April 20 of each year, or as vacancies permit.


7u彩票网址The faculty members of the 2019-2020 ACDLITe Committee are: 

Name Campus / College or School / Department
Veronica Howard (chair) ANC / CAS / Psychology
Dave Fitzgerald* (co-chair) ANC / CBPP / Information Systems and Decision Sciences
Alpana Desai ANC / CBPP / Information Systems and Decision Sciences
Barbara Harville* ANC / CTC / Communication
Chokri Sendi ANC / CoEng / Mechanical Engineering
Matt Kupilik ANC / CoEng / Electrical Engineering
Joseph Lefleur ANC / CoH / Nursing
Kitty Deal* KOC / SoE / Education
Lorelei Sterling* ANC / Consortium Library
Lynn Paterna ANC / CoH / Human Services
Micah Muer MatSu / Consortium Library
Toby R. Long KPC / CAS / Chemistry
Yoshito Kanamori ANC / CBPP / Information Systems and Decision Sciences

7u彩票网址* Faculty Senate Member