Education, Prevention & Outreach

We provide a multitude of presentations and workshops across campus to promote inclusion and prevent all forms of discrimination.  Some example presentations include

  • UA Safe: Understanding Title IX - This presentation is given for faculty, staff and students, and will satisfy the annual online Title IX training requirement
  • Seawolves Speak Up: Responsible Employee training - This training is specifically for those who are responsible employees and goes into what that looks like in practice.
  • The Language of Rape Culture - This workshop goes delves into the language we use and how it can influence the culture we live in.

To schedule a presentation or workshop, please contact Bridget Coffou, our Prevention and Education Coordinator, at 907-786-4680 or

If you would like specific areas addressed, we are more than happy to create a workshop specific to your needs.

Sexual Violence Education Resources

- Tips for keeping safe and reducing the risk of future harm

- Safety planning and more