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7u彩票网址Just the Facts — Sept. 30: Chancellor’s update on 9/26 NWCCU letter

Dear UAA Community,

7u彩票网址Please take a moment to watch this Just the Facts video addressing questions about the letter sent by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), our regional accreditor, dated Sept. 26, 2019. The letter identifies concerns regarding the appropriate division of authority and responsibility between the statewide office and UAA, UAF and UAS as separately accredited universities, and the need to demonstrate shared governance and inclusive processes in critical decisions.

The letter raised no concerns about the quality of UAA’s academic or research programs. UAA’s accreditation was reaffirmed by NWCCU in January 2019, marking 45 years of continuous institutional accreditation.

If you have additional questions, you can always reach out to me at uaa_feedback@alaska.edu7u彩票网址.

Cathy Sandeen
UAA Chancellor

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UA System FAQs
Please visit the  for important FAQs from the UA System.

Chancellor Sandeen answers frequently asked questions from the UAA community in a recurring video series, . To submit a question for consideration, please email uaa_feedback@alaska.edu.

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Housed on President Johnsen’s page, this is the official location for systemwide updates related to the FY2020 budget including videos, communications and FAQs. You can also submit questions for future FAQs.

This is where we post and update the FAQ and information on financial exigency – in particular employee impacts – as well as submit questions for future FAQs.

The Board of Regents are having to make unprecedented decisions. This is where you access meeting and agenda information, presentation materials posted to BoardDocs, and find the link to watch the livestream.

7u彩票网址UA Government Relations staff provide regular updates from the legislature in the Capital Report. Their website also contains useful contact information, background information on important state and federal issues, and advocacy materials.

7u彩票网址More than ever there is a demand for reliable university budget data. The office of strategy, planning and budget provides publications and data on budgeted and actual expenses, distribution plans and more.

UA data strategy and institutional research staff prepares the most up-to-date reports available about each university – UA in Review – including enrollment trends, faculty profiles, and countless additional metrics. This report is standardized for quick reference and comparison across years.

UAA Data
7u彩票网址The Office of Institutional Research supports UAA's mission through the effective development, efficient delivery, and appropriate education in the use of information for decision making.

The  () tracks the planning process and hosts planning documents, feedback forms and other information on restructuring the university system. 

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Please share your reactions, thoughts and ideas about the budget with Chancellor Sandeen and the Chancellor's Cabinet by emailing uaa_feedback@alaska.edu7u彩票网址.

How can I make my voice heard? 7u彩票网址Here are some things you can do...

  • Provide testimony to UA President Johnsen and the Board of Regents. The board will hold a  Written testimony is accepted at any time and is shared with the board and the president. Please submit to: ua-bor@alaska.edu.
  • Provide feedback to UAA Chancellor Sandeen and the Chancellor's Cabinet. Please share your reactions, thoughts and ideas about the budget by emailing uaa_feedback@alaska.edu.
  • Continue to advocate for the university on your personal time by contacting your elected officials.


Call for Feedback

Please share your reactions, thoughts and ideas about the budget with Chancellor Sandeen and the Chancellor's Cabinet by emailing uaa_feedback@alaska.edu. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please comment via the Budget Feedback Form.