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Cathy Sandeen

Chancellor Cathy Sandeen

7u彩票网址Dr. Cathy Sandeen is an educational leader who is committed to providing opportunity for more Alaskans to earn degrees and credentials through strategic innovation. She began serving as chancellor of the University of Alaska Anchorage in September 2018.

7u彩票网址UAA’s core missions are excellence, student success and workforce development. With campuses in Anchorage, Homer, Kodiak, Palmer, Soldotna and Valdez, as well as Middle Colleges for high school students in Anchorage, Palmer and Eagle River, UAA is Alaska’s largest postsecondary institution.

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FY2020 Budget Information

Visit the Budget FY20 web page for the latest news and resources regarding the university budget.

Upcoming Events

Board of Regents Public Testimony

Audio conference
Monday, Oct. 28, 4–5 p.m.
To testify, please call: 1-866-726-0757

In person
Thursday, Nov. 8, 8–9 a.m.
UAF — Butrovich 109

Written testimony is accepted at any time and is shared with the board and the president. Please submit to: Learn more about .

Board of Regents Full Board Meeting

Nov. 7–8, 2019 - Full Board Meeting - Fairbanks
Agendas will be posted to: .

Call for Action

Here are some things you can do. Continue to advocate for the university on your personal time by contacting your elected officials. You may also  with the Board of Regents. Please provide us with your reactions, thoughts and ideas about the budget by emailing


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Visit the UAA Budget web page for additional updates.

UAA 2020 Logo

Path for Student Success

UAA 2020 Major Student Success Initiatives

Dr. Claudia Lampman was named UAA’s first  in November 2017. She has launched several major student success initiatives designed to meet our UAA 20207u彩票网址 goals to improve UAA’s retention and graduation rates.

UAA’s New First Year Advising Center is Open! In summer 2018, Valerie Robideaux, our new , assembled her team of First-Year Advisors. They are currently being trained in areas of student support, on-boarding, and advising. The First Year Advising office is located on the second floor of the Professional Studies Building (PSB). Stop by for a visit and check out the new First Year Advising webpage7u彩票网址.

Academic Pathways Coming Soon. What else do first-time, first year college students need to be successful with navigating their college experience? They need a clear pathway to graduation, starting before their first day at UAA. Academic Pathways, also known as meta majors or career clusters, categorize individual majors into academic “umbrellas” that share a similar focus. This initiative will transform how we advise our first-year students. Check out the plan for implementation on the Student Success webpage.

Seawolf Tracks Puts UAA in Students’ Pockets. UAA is also embracing technology for student success. On August 1, 2018 students on UAA’s main Anchorage campus began downloading our new mobile app called Seawolf Tracks, designed for us by the Education Advisory Board as part of our membership in EAB’s Student Success Collaborative. This tool will help our students get organized, connected and on top of their to-do lists this semester. You can learn more here7u彩票网址. Seawolf Tracks also includes new software that academic advisors across the Anchorage campus will start using this fall. Based on more than 10 years of historical UAA data, advisors will have a dashboard that quickly tells them if a student is on-track to graduate in their current major. The Seawolf Tracks tools are designed to work together to help students find their optimal major and stay on track towards their degrees and certificates.

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